Where We Be. Spoleto, Italy. Our favorite experience in Spoleto was cross- ing the Ponte delle Torri, a high stone bridge erected in the 14th century on the foundations of a Roman aqueduct. This monumental work has a walkway that lets you cross to the far side. A mostly flat path continues from there, offering fantastic views of the bridge itself as well as the former papal fortress -- known as the Rocca Albornoziana -- and the surrounding countryside.

We took day trips to four other Umbrian towns, each special in its own way. Spello is a quaint hill town bursting with spring flowers.

Montefalco has some of the best wines in Umbria. Norcia is Umbria's foodie capital, famous for its truffles and butcher shops. And Castellucio is dramatically set at the edge of a vast high plains called the "Pian Grande.

View of the 14th century Ponte delle Torri and the Rocca Albornoziana, once a papal fortress. Imagine laying the stones for this bridge over such perilous heights.

The bridge has Gothic arches somewhat like a cathedral's. Spoleto's duomo and bell tower glow at sunset. With the approach of Easter, religious processions abound in Italy.

Wildflowers in Spello spell spring! Spello is a wonderful little hill town full of flower pots, cobblestone streets, and narrow alleys. At the top of Spello stands this ancient Roman arch. Montefalco looks good AND tastes good -- it has some of the best red wines in Umbria.

We were surprised there were no views from this piazza at the top of town, since Montefalco is set on a high hill and is often called the Balcony of Umbria. Norcia is not a hill town -- it's flat!

It's the epicenter of all things truffle — the earthy mushroom that costs so dear. Robin sits next to an absolutely enormous specimen of a black truffle. We split a delicious bottle of Montefalco's acclaimed Sagrantino wine Fongoli with lunch. Pretty Umbrian countryside surrounds Montefalco.

Italy Link Page.The famous city of Spoleto is perfectly positioned on a hill and surrounded by mountains so there are plenty of outdoors activities available…horse-riding, rambling, cycling, white water-rafting, swimming, bird-watching, sky-gliding, hiking, flying and tennis. Then, of course, you can go olive oil tasting, wine tasting, truffle hunting. You can drive to the Adriatic in 2 hours.

The drive there is spectacular. Along the way, you can take a 20 minute detour just after Norcia and visit the Gran Piano…. And, here you find white truffle served in the restaurants as well as the famous Faro…. Spoleto resembles an illustration from one of those classic fairy-tale books. Walking through its cobbled, arched streets is like walking in a dream.

It is the kind of place where fantasy meets reality and you believe that anything could happen! The three most popular places to live in Italy for an Italian are : Spoleto, Venice and Florence, all of these cities priding themselves of their truly Italian heritages, having the most prestigious of histories of anywhere in Italy.

Until 15 years ago, the Spoletini were completely disinterested in inviting strangers into their midst, except for its once a year famous festival that lasted 3 weeks with the likes of Andy Warhole, Brigitte Bardot and Pavarotti and existed in a private colonial-style private splendour with 2 bars, 2 shops and 2 restaurants, all ludicrously expensive.

All this changed with the influx of Italians from outside, who have opened bars, restaurants and shops on every corner. Now, Spoleto is a vibrant place. But, because Spoleto is still a quintessentially Italian place, the prices are LOCAL prices and have been unaffected by the beginning of tourism. Spoleto has very ancient Umbrian origins. It became a Latin colony and Roman community and life in Spoleto flourished.

Many splendid monuments were built. Then, at the end of the 6C, Spoleto became the residence of one of the most important Dukes of Longobard. And, the town that centuries ago had heroically driven back Hannibal became self-governed. Later, it was invaded by the Barbarians.

Importantly, both these battles took place on the door-step of La Rocca dei Perugini, the building that houses several of our rental apartments that can be booked together for larger parties, at a discounted ratethe latter battle of which caused La Rocca dei Perugini to be built in order that the Perugini could keep a watch on the conquered Spoletini. But, the Spoletini fought back, pouring hot burning oil upon the heads of the unfortunate Perugini, killing them outright.

And, after two years of blood-shed, the Spoletini regained Spoleto. Perugia and Spoleto are now on friendly terms with one another, even though we all know that Spoleto should have been the capital of Umbria.

Spoleto is better suited for the role, given its supreme hill-top location in the centre of Umbria and, its outstanding beauty! From that period onwards, many magnificent monuments and works of Art were added to those that survived the atrocities :.

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For instance, the Cathedral was constructed in on top of a church built in the 9C, which in its turn had been constructed on an even more ancient and classic building; S.Didn't find your Dream Travel Package? Nestled on the slopes of Monte Subasioyou will find the medieval fortress city of Spoleto.

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The city's urban planning began before the time of Augustus and was completed by 1 BC. Ancient ruins and three miles of aqueducts penetrate the center and the shell of a Roman amphitheater lies nearby. Thick walls and a magnificent gorge surround Spoleto, and fine medieval and Roman monuments sit along the streets.

Although Spoleto is one of Umbria 's picture perfect stops, it was almost unknown until Giancarlo Menotti selected Spoleto as the site for a summer arts festival inand his Festival dei Due Mondi Festival of Two Worlds hasn't left since. Menotti spent months traveling across central Italy looking for a town where the best of modern culture could be displayed against a backdrop that recalled the best of the past, and Spoleto had a remarkable past!

After its prominence in classical times, Spoleto became the seat of one of the most powerful states in Italy at the very beginning of the Middle Ages. It remained splendid through the golden years of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, acquiring its share of lovely monuments and quaint streets. Your Italian Vacation Starts Here No more scrolling through travel sites for hours looking for the perfect fit. Tell us a little bit about where you'd like to go, or what you'd like to do and let our Italian travel experts do the work.

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Plan My Trip To Italy. Tommaso's Spoleto Travel Tips. Tommaso's Spoleto Travel Call Tommaso and his Team of Travel Experts! Let them help you plan the Italian vacation you've always dreamed of.


Italy Custom Tours and Vacations. Your Italian Vacation Starts Here.Introduction was a turning point for Spoleto when Gian Carlo Menottithe Italian-American composer started the now world-renowned Spoleto festival. From then on Spoleto became a tourist destination with sights to see all year long such as museums, impressive architecture and beautiful views, Roman remains and plesant streets for leisurely wanderings.

The festival is a celebration for drama, music, opera and dance lovers and so the city overflows with tourists and accommodation is hard to be found. This is where most monuments and nice shops can be found. In the Umbra Valley, which was once called the Vale di Spoleto, creative draining techniques have been set up in order to make the most of the land for agriculture. Pasta dishes are frequently served with tartufo nero as a tasty addition.

Pizzeria Zeppelin offers well priced pizza and snacks. There is a lovely atmosphere with a high stone ceiling and the walls lined with rows of wine bottles from which diners can take their pick. Taverna La Lanterna is situated in downtown Spoleto. It has both Umbrian pasta and vegetarian dishes at affordable prices.

Osteria del Trivio is a comfortable and pleasant restaurant with a family-friendly atmosphere. The most recommended dishes are strangozzi alla spoletina "strangled priests" ,a typical dish of an irregularly shaped fettucine pasta in a tomato and pepper sauce, the antipasti and filled artichokes. Ristorante degli Abeti is a paradise for food lovers with a great menu of pasta and meat.

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Pasta with wild boar and truffles and ham with wild boar are particularly recommended. Ristorante Apollinaire has outstanding culinary delights. Desserts are also a must! Buses leave from by the railway station. Buses A, B, C with a sign reading Centro go from the railway station to the centre of town. Main Cities. All rights reserved.Archdiocese in the province of Umbria, Italy. The city is situated on a spur of Monteluco, which belongs to the Sybilline Mountains.

In the neighbourhood are marble quarries and coal mines; mineral earths are also found, and in the forests of Monteluco, truffles. The situation of the city upon a steep rock, protected by the mountain, has made it in all times an important fortress. The interior, restored in by Bernini, contains frescoes by Pinturicchio and by Fra Filippo Lippi, who is buried here.

Without the city, beyond the Porta della Torre ?

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Not far away, on the crest of the mountain is the Church of San Giuliano, where the monastery of San Isacco sixth century arose. Other churches are: Il Crocifisso, built on the site and from the materials of an ancient temple; San Ansano, beneath which the foundations of another temple may be visited; San Pietro Martire, with frescoes by Spagna; San Filippo, with four columns of green porphyry taken from the temple of Clitumnus.

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Among the civic edifices are: Palazzo Comunale, with a collection of paintings; the castle of Cardinal Albornoz; and near the cathedral Palazzo Arroni, which is believed to have been the palace of the dukes of Spoleto.

The relics of antiquity include: Porta della Fuga; the ruins of an amphitheatre, and of the Ponte Sanguinario the bloody bridge ; the arch of Drusus and Germanicus. Spoletium, a city of the Umbrians, received a Roman colony B. In Hannibal, after his victory at Lake Trasimenus, was repulsed from the walls of Spoleto.

In the Gothic war the city surrendered to the Byzantine general, Constantine; but in it was recovered by Totila, and it was not retaken by the Byzantines untilwhen Narses restored the fortifications.

In Spoleto became the seat of a Lombard duke, Faroald. He was succeeded by Ariulf, who made frequent expeditions against the Byzantine dominions against Ravenna; against Rome. Faroald II had already captured Classe the port of Ravennawhen he was obliged by Luitprand to restore it. Ilderic, who had replaced him as duke, was slain by Transemund inbut in the latter was obliged to become a cleric by King Luitprand, and the duchy was conferred upon Agiprandwho was succeeded by Theodicus.

Under Hildebrand the Duchy of Spoleto was promised to the Holy See by the King of the Franks, and the duke himself was named by Pope Adrianbut the succeeding dukes were named by the Frankish emperors. Among the dukes of this epoch are the following: Sicco, who was expelled because of his hostility to the Franks, but was received and made duke at Beneventum; Guido I, who divided the duchy between his two sons Lambert and Guido II, the latter receiving the Duchy of Camerino.

Lambert distinguished himself in the wars against the Saracens, but disgraced himself by massacres at Rome in ; he was afterwards deposedthen restoredbut was a second time excommunicated by Pope John VIII. In Guido II united under his sway the entire dukedom, which from this time was called the Duchy of Spoleto and Camerino. Alberico I, Duke of Camerinoand afterwards of Spoleto, married the notorious Marozia; he was killed by the Romans in In Otto II united the duchy with that of Capua and Benevento, which was then ruled by Pandolfo Testa di Ferro; but after the death of the latter he detached Spoleto, which was in granted to Hugo, Duke of Tuscany.

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The duchy was united with Tuscany a second time inwhen Godfrey of Lorraine espoused Beatrice, the widow of Boniface, Duke of Spoleto, and it remained so until the death of the Countess Matilda. During the conflict between the papacy and the Emperor Henry IV, the latter named other dukes of Spoleto. In Frederick Barbarossa destroyed the city for having made of prisoner of his ambassador to Apulia.

The latter, however, in occupied the duchy for himself, making Dipold von Vohburg duke. In like manner Frederick II in his different treaties with the Holy See acknowledged its sovereignty over the duchy, but when at war with the papacy he occupied it for the empire, and was always joyfully received by the populace His son, Manfred, on the other hand, did not succeed in winning the people.

The popes maintained at Spoleto a governor, who was often a cardinal.Local call rate. We use cookies to optimise your experience on our website.

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Added to Site: Added:. A renovated sq.

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With numerous living areas, 6 rooms and 8 bathrooms, this property is perfect as an accommodation business or holiday house. Adding a swimming pool is a possibility. Commercial New Home Development Microsite. Recently restored farmhouse, in panoramic location in the hills between Todi and Perugia.

Measures sq. Luxury penthouse apartment for sale in a historical building in the heart of Spoleto. With a net saleable area of about sq.

It includes 2 large halls, an eat-in kitchen, 2 double bedrooms with e. Renovated stone farmhouse with a wonderful botanical garden and a swimming pool, 7 km from Gubbio about 10 minutes away. Comfortable and panoramic position overlooking the valley and Gubbio.

Annex with a 4. Exclusive chalet with unique characteristics in Alta Badia. This two-floor chalet has a total net saleable area of about sq. It includes a large basement, living areas, 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, a den, a spa and a garage.

This property is in a pan. Renovated property for sale in the picturesque medieval village of Toscolano. The 3-floor building has a net saleable area of about sq.Text edited by Rosamie Moore. Write to romapip quipo. Notes: Page revised in January The Castle was used as a prison until very recent years.

A careful restoration is bringing back the original structure and many paintings. Visits are restricted for safety reasons, but the lucky ones get rewarded by a number of coats of arms! Coats of arms on the gates Three gates protect the Castle from intrusion. Well in the courtyard The inner court has been brought back to its original state and the XVth century well attracts immediately the visitor's attention. The coat of arms is of Nicholas V. The courtyard was restored by Pius V.

Frescoes in the ground floor On the ground floor two large frescoes of coats of arms: Nicholas V in a very Florentine style decoration and Paul II.

Frescoes in the upper floor The upper floor is decorated with many coats of arms, which show the change in style.


The coat of arms of Pope Clement X lower part right is still reflecting the Baroque style, while the coat of arms of Pope Benedict XIV lower part leftalthough based on a Baroque pattern, is very rigid and it anticipates the Neoclassical style. That's very surprising, as he was Pope for a very short period. Return to Spoleto or move to Trevi. Juvarra B.

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